Mending Fences With a Privacy Fence

As more and more subdivisions are being constructed you will notice that houses are being built closer and closer together. This lack of space leads to less and less privacy. A solution to this problem is installing a privacy fence. The following are a few tips on how to approach erecting your own privacy fence. […]

Wood Privacy Fences and Other Privacy Fence Options

Wood Privacy Fences and Other Privacy Fence Options Wood privacy fences are an important component of a house especially one in the urban community. A well-chosen and appropriately-designed fence affords homeowners the pleasure of enjoying their private space without necessarily giving the impression of being an unfriendly neighbor. You don’t even have to fence the […]

Vinyl Privacy Fence Products

Tan privacy vinyl/pvc fence with white posts and rails

A privacy fence can transform your yard or pool area into a secluded retreat. Privacy fences are constructed with little or no gap between boards to reduce visibility into and out of an area. They are commonly used on property lines and around swimming pools but may also serve to conceal unsightly areas or views.